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Why am I seeing errors in my activities?

    We always strive to give our community the best Surveys, Hot Topics, and Quizzes available. However, while we are always improving our product and you may come across certain issues such as:

  • No options found
  • No correct answer in Quiz
  • Unable to watch video and/or view image
  • Unable to go to next question
  • Cannot scroll down

If you encounter any of the above issues when completing your activity, please Contact Us with below details:

  1. Your phone model
  2. The OS version (e.g. Android 6, iOS 11.2.5)
  3. The Milieu Surveys app version (e.g. 2.4.0. You can find the information under Profile > More)
  4. Survey name that you are having issues with
  5. Date survey taken
  6. Screenshots or video recordings of the issue/error you are facing

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